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Various Artists - Spring in Niavaran (2005)

During May & June 2004, Hermes Records organized several concerts in collaboration with Iranian artists as well as bands from abroad. This Album covers the highlights of those live performances including tunes from Bazar Blâ (Sweden), Hamon Martin Quartet (France), Christophe Joneau Trio (France), Persiano (Iran, Norway) and their Jam sessions.

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01 Hamon Matin Quartet - La Fille De Grande Mond
02 Bazar Blâ - Grannlaten
03 Christophe Joneau Trio - Petite Valse
04 Persiano, Christophe Joneau Trio, Hamon Matin Quartet - Ghazal
05 Hamon Matin Quartet - Le Oiseauz de Bois
06 Bazar Blâ - Kebabchichi
07 Christophe Joneau Trio - Yesterdays
08 Hamon Matin Quartet - Vals an Anaon & Valse de Bardamu
09 Persiano, Christophe Joneau Trio, Hamon Matin Quartet - Bouquet de Rose
10 Bazar Blâ, Ali Boustan, Ali Rahimi - Vals, Dokhtare Boyer Ahmadi
11 Hamon Matin Quartet - Caravan

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