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Andrea Bauer - Cello Songs for Silence (Naghmehaye Sokoot) [2002]

Born in Germany and began playing the violin at the age of five, but picked up the cello at the age of eight . After she graduated from the renowned school of Arts "Hochschule der Kuenste" in Berlin, Germany, she worked with various big symphony orchestras and chamber music groups in Germany and other European countries.
Although she has been raised with classical music, she found that her tendency towards oriental music, Ambient and Jazz deserved equal time. She performed in concerts and studio recordings throughout the world with artists like New York soul singer Lateta Theresa, James Morrison,
Natalie Cole, oriental band "Derya", Michael Hoppe, the Ray Brown Trio and many others. After the discovery of effects processors and loop machines Andrea started developing her very own music, influenced by oriental and ambient music, but based on the classical sound of cello.
Finally through meeting with her spiritual teacher Eli Jaxon-Bear, her music took concrete shape, and she recorded her first solo album "Cello Songs for Silence" , which is gratefully dedicated to Eli.

Released works (Hermes Records) : Cello Songs for Silence

Alternatif 2

01 Song for Eli
02 Ambient I
03 Rondo for Gangaji
04 One Face of Silence
05 Oriental
06 Longing - The Trance
07 Solo
08 Eternal
09 Ambient II
10 Open

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