6 Ocak 2009 Salı

Huun Huur Tu feat. Sainkho - Mother Earth Father Sky (2008)


01. Artyy Sayir
02. Bai-Taiga
03. Dembildey (Nomad Dance)
04. Erge Chokka
05. Ergim Saryym
06. Mezhegey
07. Daglarym (Old Melodie)
08. Ovyur Hadyp
09. Chashpy Hem (Chashpy River)

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  1. this is another great album of huun huur tu, maybe it doesn't sound as "strange" as some previous recordings. but when you spend your life in the siberian desert, you have to fool loneliness by any means. so, throat singing may not seem that strange...